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SEL-Telecom is a new IQRF Alliance member

19 May 2017

SEL-Telecom is a Polish networking company which is the new member of the IQRF Alliance.

SEL-Telecom is a networking company from Poland. The company is a professional network integration partner in telecommunications and technology infrastructure. SEL-Telecom offers wide reange of services and solid experience.


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New technical blog about IoT Starter Kit

15 May 2017

We used the new IoT Starter Kit to get the sensor data and turn on / off relays. The application can be easily complemented by additional HW and SW extensions.

Because all necessary software and services are already ready for it and made available to the public, the development of the wireless IoT application is easy and fast. Tutorials are also available for the kit, which will take us through all the basic steps.

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UP board

AAEON's popular UP developer board forms the interface between IQRF and Microsoft Azure web services. It is a very interesting hardware product of excellent quality, durability and equipment. Details can be found here.

The Gateway provides communication with the IQRF network, it can read data thanks to the scheduler regularly and sends it via the MQTT channel to the ready IoT Hub in Microsoft Azure. Serving MQTT channels, formatting JSON messages and all the communication controls the IQRF Daemon, which is available for this development kit.

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To set up the MQTT channel, we set up the name of the IoT Hub in Microsoft Azure in the MqttMessaging.json configuration file and the name of our GW that we added here as a device.


"Name": "MqttMessaging2",
"Enabled": true,
"Properties": {
"BrokerAddr": "ssl://",
"ClientId": "YOURDEVICE",
"Persistence": 1,
"Qos": 1,
"TopicRequest": "devices/YOURDEVICE/messages/devicebound/#",
"TopicResponse": "devices/YOURDEVICE/messages/events/",
"User": "",
"Password": "SharedAccessSignature",
"EnabledSSL": true,
"KeepAliveInterval": 20,
"ConnectTimeout": 5,
"MinReconnect": 1,
"MaxReconnect": 64


In the Scheduler.json configuration file, we have set parameters for reading sensory values. Parameters in the pnum and pcmd variables are based on the Custom DPA Handler, which is uploaded in the appropriate IQRF node for sensor data readings.

"Tasks": [

"TasksJson": [
"time": "*/30 * * * * * *",
"service": "BaseServiceForMQTT2",
"message": {


More detailed information about installing and configuring services can be found here.


IQRF wireless mesh network

The IQRF platform is the world leader in wireless secure mesh networks. It was founded in MICRORISC company more than 14 years ago and, besides scientific awards, has many successful IoT projects.

In the IoT Starter Kit you will find a sensor kit for sensory data collection (external thermometer, light sensor for measuring the level of light, potentiometer for voltage measurement) and relays for switching other devices on / off.

Custom DPA Handlers are available to ensure easy communication with relays and sensors.

In the Custom-DPA-Handler-DDC-core.c file, you find the commented source code where, after a quick analysis, you find out what peripherals and commands to use to communicate with the sensor or relay kit.


----------- DDC-SE-01

Request: PNUM = 0x20, PCMD = 0x31
PData[0]=Temperature at [C]
PData[1]=Photoresistor value 0x00-0xFF
PData[2]=Potentiometer value 0x00-0xFF
returns ERROR_FAIL when error reading temperature


FRC=0xC0, returns temperature at C, 127 for 0 C, 0x80 for error reading temperature
FRC=0xC1, returns photoresistor value, returns 1 instead of 0
FRC=0xC2, returns potentiometer value, returns 1 instead of 0


----------- DDC-RE-01
Request: PNUM = 0x20, PCMD = 0x32




RelayCtrl: 0=Switch the Relay off, 1=Switch the Relay on, Other=Do not control the Relay
RelayState: 0=Relay was off, 1=Relay was on

A description of the DPA protocol, that simplifies wireless communication, is here.


IQRF Videotutorials


Microsoft Azure

The MQTT protocol is used to send the collected values from individual IQRF sensors to IoT Hub in MS Azure. Here, the data is processed and sent to the appropriate queries. A video has been produced for the demonstration to see how data can be displayed in Power BI.

To get individual sensory values from the incoming string, we created a JavaScript function and SQL query.



// Convert Hex value to integer.
function main(hexValue) {
return parseInt(hexValue, 16);



,UDF.hex2Int(Substring (response,25,2)) AS Temperature
,UDF.hex2Int(Substring (response,28,2)) AS Light
,UDF.hex2Int(Substring (response,31,2)) AS Potentiometer


Microsoft Azure also offers other advanced tools to create, for example, a complete application for controlling the sensory network or prediction of future states in monitored objects.


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The IQRF Summit 2017 will host an extensive workshop for IoT Starter Kit (Prague, from June 7th to June 8th). Summit participants may profit from a significant discount for the purchase of this product and other extensions.
You can buy this product on IQRF Alliance e-shop or with the help of IQRF distributors.


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IQRF Alliance is a partner of "Cena bastlířů" contest

03 May 2017

The IQRF Alliance is a partner of "Cena bastlířů" contest held in Czech Republic. Bastlers from Czech Republic and Slovakia will compete for the best project and will be awarded with interesting prizes.

The IQRF Alliance will provide the winner with DS-START-04, for basic development of wireless applications using the IQRF wireless technology, and KON-RASP-01 ensuring connection with Raspberry Pi.

Important links:



Google Plus:

Sponsors and prizes:

Article about contest on


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Master Internet joined the IQRF Alliance

03 May 2017

We are happy that Czech company Master Internet joined the IQRF Alliance. Master Internet operates data centers in Prague and Brno and has more than fifteen years of experience in this field.

The company have grown from the small hosting and data services provider into a leading data center operator with its own cloud platform. At present, its main goal is to help businesses in optimizing their server solution and achieve the highest possible availability. Considering increasing cost of electricity will also focus on the latest technology with reduced power consumption.

Master Internet and the IQRF Alliance would like to bring other members and companies using the IQRF wireless technology efficient cloud interface to remotely control all devices in your IQRF network.


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Slovak company ASID a.s. is a new member of the IQRF Alliance

03 May 2017

The IQRF Alliance has a new member. It is a Slovak company ASID a.s. a real estate developer with comprehensive services in construction like preparation, design and implementation of projects.

Company ASID has been founded in 2005 as an advertising agency. Since then the company expanded its operations with investment development and has dozens of successfully completed projects.

We hope the new project of poly-functional building will be based on the IQRF wireless technology and various members' products and solutions.


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DEPRAG CZ joined the IQRF Alliance

03 May 2017

We are pleased to announce that DEPRAG CZ a.s. joined the IQRF Alliance.

Since 1998, DEPRAG CZ a.s. in Lázně Bělohrad is a subsidiary of DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. Amberg, a worldwide leader in the production of air-operated tools, screwdriving and assembly equipment, as well as automation.

We are looking forward to future projects that will originate from the cooperation of DEPRAG and IQRF Alliance and its members.


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Preliminary agenda of the IQRF Summit 2017

02 May 2017

Come to discover IQRF Ecosystem that will enable you to quickly integrate large portfolio of interoperable wireless products and solutions.

Products and services of the IQRF Alliance members will be presented here by company representatives of Microsoft, O2, AAEON, MICRORISC, NETIO Products, Aledo, Protronix, IQ Home, CITIQ, DATmoLUX, RehiveTech, CETIN, TECO, Austyn International, Dazzle Light, FOXON, CIS and others.

Date: June 7th to 8th, 2017
Location: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague


Preliminary agenda


MICRORISC - Get global with IQRF

IQRF Alliance - How to build up your IoT project simply and cost effectively

AAEON - New indoor and outdoor GWs from gloval players

Microsoft - Microsoft Azure connected to IQRF for large IoT projects

O2 & Protronix - Heathy school project: is school environment really healthy for our kids?

CETIN - Positioning of IQRF on the current and future telecommunication market


Smart Building

ASID - Great opportunity: Poly-functional building of 70 000 m2 with IQRF

DATmoLUX - Ready indoor lighting

AUSTYN International - Smart heating solutions

TECO - Industrial automation and intelligent buildings


Industry 4.0

ALEDO - Save lives tanks to localization and safety monitoring system

DEPRAG & CIS - Hand-held air tools as part of IoT thanks to energy harvesting and IQRF

FOXON - Effective monitoring of Profibus


Smart City

CITIQ & Makesense - Running projects of smart street parking in Czech Republic and Hungary

Dazzle Light - IQRF street lighting in Bulgaria


Ecosystem components

IQRF Zone - Technical introduction of

UP & IQRF - IoT Starter Kit - IoT project up and running within couple of hours

RehiveTech - Remote management of gateways

MICRORISC - Standardization of IQRF devices, IQRF Deamon - build your IQRF GW from any Linux machine

IQ Home - Eco System: How to use Gateways, Sensors and Actuators in one wireless network., LinkIt! - Finding way how to manage gateways and IQRF networks over MQTT protocol

NETIO - Networked power sockets: How to monitor & control power sockets for 230V from the LAN, WiFi or IQRF networks

ZYXEL - IQRF GWs and routers for consumer market

JIC - FabLab Brno - digital fabrication facility open for everyone



Summit participants can register for free at a practical workshop to learn about installing and configuring individual parts of the new IoT Starter Kit. Part of this product is the IQRF kit containing the sensor and relay kit, the popular UP developer board from AAEON and the ready-made connection to Microsoft Azure. Additional sensor hardware can be attached to the kit. Sponsored discounted equipment can be booked by registered visitors after registration to the workshop.

Register at


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Developer project by ASID

02 May 2017

ASID become a member of the IQRF Alliance. Currently, it deals with the first phase of the large-scale KRD project, in which the construction of intelligent buildings with an area of more than 70,000 square meters will take place in Bratislava.

This is an important opportunity for members of the IQRF Alliance to participate in the implementation of this project. They can bring their solutions and products from the areas of smart heating, lighting, parking, security or automation. You will be able to get in touch with ASID's projects and IQRF Alliance's technology partners personally at the IQRF Summit 2017 (

ASID was founded in 2005 as an advertising agency. Gradually expanded its operations with investment development and has dozens of successfully completed projects. In 2013, the company acquired significant contract together with a new partner – a self-government that is a guarantee of clear trading. Construction contracts of rental housing dwellings were signed, funded by the State Housing Development Fund and subsidy of MVDaRR. Demand for rental flats is still growing.

The company has experience in the field of development and construction of residential buildings both in Slovakia and abroad. It builds extensive facilities and infrastructure, housing construction and construction of administrative buildings. It tries to be a leader in development, construction and real estate.

Buildings should meet the green standard (LEED, BREEAM). BREEAM and LEED are systems that evaluate buildings in terms of their overall sustainability in several categories - for example, what energy efficiency a building has, how it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, how much the building is a guarantee of health and well-being, what is land management, how the building pollutes environment or how it handles with waste.

More at


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IQRF Alliance exhibited at the Urbis 2017 trade fair

02 May 2017

The Urbis 2017 trade fair took place in Brno, Czech Republic, from April 26 to 29. A clever solutions were introduced at the site, including the IQRF Alliance, which featured the equipment and solutions of its members. The offer of the exhibitors extended the professional accompanying program, which included the presentation of Šimon Chudoba "Innovative solutions built on the IQRF network".

Together with the Urbis trade fair, the construction trade fair also took place, showing the latest technology and trends in the construction industry, and it turned out that the IoT solution also penetrated this sector. More and more companies have been interested in expanding their smart device solutions to collect data from a wide range of sensors, and be able to remotely control them.

In addition to professionals from the industry and the professional public, representatives of cities and towns were also interested in smart solutions at the trade fair. The theme of smart cities has repeatedly appeared throughout the fair. Of course, the IQRF Alliance could offer a very large ecosystem consisting of alliance members' products and running projects in the field of parking systems, public lighting, or air quality measurement.

The partners of IQRF Alliance joint stand were companies Protronix and Aledo. Thanks to the membership in the IQRF Alliance, both companies have been given the opportunity to promote their products at very low cost. Protronix was able to capture the attention of visitors with its air quality sensors, as many construction companies are currently considering to use air quality monitoring systems. The system of interior localization of people and objects and their monitoring of Aledo has also found many people interested in implementing a similar solution in production halls and warehouses.

We believe that the Urbis 2017 trade fair has allowed us to broaden our awareness of the IQRF wireless technology and the IQRF Alliance and its members.


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IoT Starter Kit released!

28 April 2017

New development tool for quick developing of your wireless IoT application released. Build you wireless IoT application in couple of hours!

Parts of this product are the IQRF kit containing the sensor and relay kit, the popular UP developer board from AAEON and the ready-made connection to Microsoft Azure. Additional sensor hardware can be attached to the kit.

Buy on

As an IQRF Summit 2017 participant you can buy this excellent equipment for 279 EUR only!

Summit participants can register for free at a practical workshop to learn about installing and configuring individual parts of the new IoT Starter Kit (


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