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BJB leading manufacturer of automated solutions joined the IQRF Alliance

19 February 2016

“Being part of an ecosystem of interoperable devices gives us the chance to create new partnerships for extending our technological background and for adding new features related to our product development. Joining the IQRF Alliance gives us access to such an ecosystem.” said Markus Spiekermann, Head of wireless team in BJB GmbH & Co.KG.

"BJB is known worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of quality components for the lighting and appliance industry. Furthermore, we are a market leader in the design & construction of automated solutions that optimize the manufacturing process of light fittings and domestic appliances."

In 2001 we designed our first products specifically for the fledgling LED lighting market. Now, more than 15 years later, almost all new lighting designs are based upon LED technology. To meet this challenge, our product range has evolved and grown into the OEM-Line range of products that have been specially designed for LED light sources. The principal concept of the range is to simplify the fixation and interconnection of light sources, optics and heat management systems.

We are searching constantly for new possibilities to help our customers enhance their products in respect of functionality and economic manufacturing. This is the essential philosophy that BJB stands for.

"Future lighting installations will offer more than just the distribution of light. We see a great advantage in enabling lighting manufacturers to design smart luminaries that serve as a data collector of ambient conditions. IQRF can help us in reaching this target." adds Mr. Spiekermann.


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Microchip - a new partner of the IQRF Wireless Challenge brings it’s chipKIT™ into the contest

28 January 2016

Microchip Technology has become a new IQRF Wireless Challenge contest partner and brings new development tools for all of the contestants and the winners. All the registered contest participants are eligible to order chipKIT uC32 Development Board with 30% discount.

The chipKIT uC32 Development Board is also a new prize for all of the six IQRF Wireless Challenge II winners.

The chipKIT is an open source embedded development environment based on the Arduino concept. The IQRF Wireless Challenge II is a worldwide contest in wireless applications for prizes totaling over 3,700 EUR.
Compete in the Student or the Developer category – we are glad to inform you that we are going to prolong the competition for the best IQRF application until April 30, 2016. We will announce the winners in May or June 2016.

For more information and rules, go to


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Sanela is a new member of the IQRF Alliance

14 January 2016

Sanela s.r.o. is a leading producer of complete range of sanitary electronics in Czech Republic. Sanela trademark is connected with high-quality new generation products of sanitary electronics.

Company was established in 1997 in Lanškroun, where the production plant is situated as well. Nowadays, SANELA production program offers wide range of products that are used in public and private sanitary facilities and in food industry. Such as automatic urinal and toilet flushing units, automatic washbasin taps, automatic shower controls...

We are pleased to welcome Sanela in the IQRF Alliance which means that this successful Czech company can easily increase global market share thanks to the IQRF Alliance Sales Partners. Although Sanela has its own development centre, it can now collaborate with other members and use their solutions without any development. As a result, Sanela saves money and time thanks to being a member of the IQRF Alliance.


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IQRF Alliance helps start-up companies

07 January 2016

“I’ve tried out other radio systems and it wasn’t ok until I stumbled into IQRF. I spoke to Simon and I came to understand that the IQRF is the technology I needed,” said Karls Aiwerioba, the founder of an IoT start-up company Stellarman.

The IQRF Alliance is here to help members even if they are at the beginning of their own business. Thanks to the partnership inside the Alliance your company can become strong and reach higher market share easily.


O2, one of the biggest Czech telecom corporations, joined the IQRF Alliance

16 December 2015

O2 joined the IQRF Alliance to be close to the IoT and M2M solution providers.
Significant market players start joining the IQRF Alliance. After worldwide corporation Microchip Technology, the key player on the Czech telecommunication market O2 joined the IQRF Alliance.

"The project O2 is working on can bring incredible opportunities for all IQRF Alliance member. More details regarding the project will be disclosed in 2016." noticed Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance.

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2nd IQRF Alliance Meeting

16 December 2015

Over 60 participants from nearly 40 companies and 12 countries arrived to Brno, CZ to make key announcements, demonstrate their products and solutions, find new customers or suppliers and start up new projects.

Microchip Technology Inc., the leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, announced their support and promotion focus on the IQRF for the wireless mesh networks in coming years. "Such a backup gives the IQRF Alliance members another huge motivation to work on their IQRF Interoperable products and solutions." said Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance.

Another key announcement was done by Czech Smart City Cluster who stated they are about to sign a memorandum of cooperation with the IQRF Alliance so the IQRF technology would be used as a standard wireless platform for smart cities in Czech Republic and other countries. This provides a big business opportunity for all members to involve their solutions in to smart city projects.

Simon Chudoba presented the vision of the IQRF Alliance to make the IQRF one of the leading ecosystems for IoT and M2M communication and the IQRF Alliance one of the significant player on this field. Afterwards members presented their state-of-art solutions in the area of street lighting, industrial lighting, street parking, building automation, sensor networks and many more. 

"It was a great meeting. It gave me an opportunity to meet many companies, network with other people, see the technology they've developed and get to agreements to work together on joint projects.", said Karls Aiwerioba, founder of the start-up company Stellarman.

Members' presentations here. You can also download all photos in full resolution.

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IQRF Alliance supports technological start-ups

15 December 2015

Inteliments as an incubated start-up in the Technological Centre of Hradec Králové was provided with a one year free of charge membership in the IQRF Alliance.

Inteliments provides complete services and solutions in system integration of IoT for a wide range of industries. These solutions enable companies to gather, store and analyze data from various devices, sensors and tools in real time in order to optimize the production and business processes, cost savings and efficient decision-making.
"Although we are members of the Alliance for a short time, it already turns out that the path of the well specialized company is the right one and it delivers the high quality and tangible outcomes," said Jan Bartos, director of TC HK.

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Press release: IQRF Alliance accelerates creation of smart cities

11 December 2015

Intelligent intersections that aligns the green wave for rescuers, public car park, which itself will guide drivers to vacant parking lots or street lights automatically saving power during periods of low traffic. This seemingly sci-fi scenario does not belong to American movies, but to the real smart cities. The IQRF Alliance brought nearly 40 technological companies, universities and development centers together to address the future of smart cities and smart buildings at a meeting in Brno. Among the first smart cities a Czech city of Písek seems to be the number one.


The project "Smart City Písek" seeks to introduce modern information technologies into the daily regime of the city. Its representatives and the IQRF Alliance have agreed on the use of the technology IQRF as the main communication platform. This gives the city of Písek go ahead to become the first really intelligent city in the Czech Republic.

Using the wireless technology IQRF increases comfort of the city's population via dynamic control of intersections, smart management of public lighting and navigation system on public parking lots. Analysis of all the collected data brings optimization of urban traffic and public transport.

"We have chosen the IQRF technology because it offers highly innovative solutions proven by many real installations. The start of the project Smart City Písek is planned in the spring of 2016. I believe that Písek will become a pioneer in the field of Smart Cities and will serve as an inspiration for other Czech cities," says Radovan Polansky, Executive Director of the Technology Centre of Písek.

The IQRF Alliance was established two years ago and today it associates companies from the US, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Israel and India. "The success of the Alliance is in cooperation of individual members - developers, universities, research centers and companies. Just because they can develop new applications, installations and systems and combine them together. On this basis even a smart city can be created. The City of Písek is just an example of our work. We are preparing joint projects with other Czech and foreign cities," explains Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance.

Representatives of the Smart City Písek and the IQRF Alliance also agreed on organization of the biggest conference in the field of smart cities "CityCON", which will be held in Písek in May 2016.

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Simon Chudoba presented members' solutions on the conferences

07 December 2015

Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance, presented products and solutions of the IQRF Alliance members on the conference Perspektivy bydlení (future of building automation) in Prague 18.11.2015. Almost forty participants such as planners, integrators, electro installation experts, academics or architects were interested especially in wireless industrial lighting and heating. Therefore the conference was a good opportunity to introduce the mission and the members of the IQRF Alliance.

Simon Chudoba also presented Wireless infrastructure for Smart Cities on the conference called Intelligent transportation and the Smart City. Simon Chudoba introduced the members' solutions and the benefits of the IQRF wireless technology used in smart parking, traffic data collection, traffic monitoring and city management sollutions.

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EPS Global joined IQRF Alliance!

07 December 2015

EPS Global is a Hungarian company developing and operating parking systems since 1995. The ever increasing number of vehicles tends to result in enormous traffic jams, which also pose a significant threat to the environment. That is where the IQRF based products and solution can mean the real improvement. In order to ensure the best possible services for clients EPS Global joined the IQRF Alliance. We are looking forward to future projects based on our cooperation.

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