Case Studies

The IQRF Ecosystem consists of incredibly wide range of applications. Learn more where the wireless network connectivity could be beneficial for you.

Wireless CO2 sensor with data visualization on the IQRF Cloud

Fresh air helps you to stay vigilant and be more efficient. The wireless CO2…

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Automated heating

Control your heating system software and hardware from the cloud. Save money…

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Street Lighting - Slovakia

Robust and stable MESH network build on IQRF wireless technology is controlling…

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Smart Parking

Time and cost efficient solution for the smart cities. Parking system based on…

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Wireless industrial lighting in JULI Motorenwerk Ltd.

Stop switching on all lights in the hall and save the costs significantly.…

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Environment monitoring, reporting and alerting solution

Save your time by automating your temperature and humidity logging! Automated…

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Custom development of heating solutions

Austyn International is a producer of intelligent control systems for heating,…

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Open Source IoT Platform based on OpenStack and Kubernetes

Use case of tcp cloud explains open source IoT platform introduced at OpenStack…

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Remote IQRF network management system by RehiveTech

Active remote management of the IQRF network is possible thanks to using a…

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Defrosting of coal wagons in Slovak powerplant

Modern and economical system for brown coal wagons thawing in Slovak power…

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Air quality monitoring at a Prague school

Air quality monitoring at Smichovska High School in Prague. Join project of…

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