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IQRF Alliance s.r.o.
Prumyslova 1275
506 01 Jicin
Czech Republic, EU

Phone: +420 720 200 227

Registration: 45786461
VAT nr.: CZ45786461
Account: 107-5607960297/0100


Key people

- - -

Šimon Chudoba, CEO
Bussines development

Simon (our progress force) is responsible for the business development, administration, marketing and sales of the IQRF Alliance. He closely cooperates with all members to make them even more successful on the market. Simon is the right person to call if you have any business questions.

phone: +420 777 571 699

- - -

Hynek Syrovátka, CTO
Development suport

Hynek (our technical guru) is responsible for the development of the DPA Framework and technical support for the IQRF Alliance members. Get in touch with Hynek if you want to have your technical issue sorted out in matter of minutes. Nobody knows about the DPA more than him.

phone: +420 603 400 770

- - -

Jan Pešl, 
Product specialist and Media relations

Jan (our product knowledge base) is responsible for registration, certification and administration of the IQRF Interoperable products and media relations. Call Jan when you need to know more about the IQRF Alliance product portfolio or if you want to spread out a word about your solution.

phone: +420 720 200 227


- - -

Ivona Spurná, Marketing Committee Chairman

Ivona (our educational link) is responsible for development and management of the IQRF Alliance Marketing Committee and Smart School program and related activities such as the competition IQRF Wireless Challange. Contact Ivona if you want to get your school registered to this great program or if you want to know more about whatever linked to IQRF education.

phone: +420 777 775 735



IQRF Alliance Sales Partners

Are you interested in solutions of the IQRF Alliance members and you want to talk to someone local? Get in touch with our sales partners.



M.P.O Evtach

Gan Hadarom 79255

Israel flag


Bredengen AS

Brobekkveien 104, 
0582 Oslo

Norway flag


Orcam Systems AB

Husby-Sjutilft 6

SE-749 50 Ekolsund

Sweden flag

United Kingdom

Low Power Solutions ltd.

Two Rivers Industrial Estate, Station Lane,

Witney, OX28 4BH

United Kingdom

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