Join the Alliance

There are just three easy steps to join the IQRF Alliance. Simply fill out and submit the on-line registration form. Then you will get an e-mail with the IQRF Alliance Terms & Conditions and a proforma invoice of an annual membership fee (1000€). Once you pay the annual membership fee and send us two hard copies of signed Terms & Conditions, we will activate your membership so you have an access to all members' benefits and the Member Zone. If you have any questions about the registration or members' benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Fill out and submit registration form.

See the registration email with instructions

You will get an e-mail with instructions, the Terms & Conditions and the annual membership fee invoice.

We activate your Membership

Once we receive your signed Terms & Conditions and payment of your annual membership fee we will activate your member account and access to the Member Zone.

E-mail, password and contact
Company and address
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