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O2 Czech Republic wrote about us: "IQRF zones will cover the Czech Republic for the Internet of Things"

06 June 2016

IQRF Conference in Prague was the venue for a major shift in the implementation of smart cities, buildings and IoT. MICRORISC introduced a new project called IQRF.zones which will cover the households, cities and even shopping centers or companies in the Czech Republic and other countries with a wireless signal. There were more than a hundred participants presenting their solutions in the area of wireless communication at the IQRF Conference 2016. In addition, O2, Microsoft, IBM or Intel introduced their own visions of IoT.

IQRF.zones are developed as an open platform thanks to that everyone can choose his end device, gateway, cloud and user applications that suits him best. It is a flexible ecosystem based on the wireless IQRF technology which will dynamically develop according to market needs. Any product with this technology will wirelessly connect to the Internet, communicate and be easily usable thanks to zones from measuring to full automation. "IQRF.zones combine robustness and reliability of the IQMESH networks with simplicity and quick management of the star type network. All the current manufacturers using the IQRF will be able to use the new technology without any major modifications. New communication platform will bring especially the simplicity to end users," adds Vladimír Šulc, CEO of MICRORISC.

Companies O2 and O2 IT Services follow with their own solutions in the area of Smart Homes and Smart Cities. There are a guarantee of high quality services and reliable coverage on a nationwide scale. "We see a huge opportunity in this together with other members of the IQRF Alliance. We want to bring simple, fast and flexible solution to our customers which helps them with building a smart home," said Jindřich Fremuth, Director of Consumer Division. "Everything is closely connected to industry and smart cities, which need to share various types of data easily," added Václav Provazník, CEO of Comercial division in O2 IT Services. Cites in a concept of OpenData will be able to communicate about traffic, parking situation or for example about quality of air.

Microsoft presented quick connection of a wireless sensor to an Azure cloud solution at the conference. IBM showed a live data stream of air monitoring from a drone to a Bluemix cloud. Intel together with AAEON demonstrate a connection to the IQRF network from their own Internet gateway. tcp cloud added own solution based on the open technologies OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker and OpenContrail. Other companies and universities from the USA to India presented own projects and new products which can be connected through the

"Imagine that you want to make your household smart on your own. Cheaply, quickly and easily. You will buy wirelessly controlled light and a switch which you connect and control from your cell phone. That is unfortunately not how it is working. But thanks to the cooperation of the IQRF Alliance members in the project it becomes reality. Air pollution, water quality, floods, traffic in cities, manufacture automation, interiors of buildings, intelligent households, comfort of your life – these are all the areas which can be improved with the use of technologies and we want to contribute to that," said Šimon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance, which organized the conference.


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