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IQRF technology introduced to students at CTU FEL

07 December 2017

During an event for students interested in studying at CTU FEL in Prague, the IQRF Alliance introduced them the IQRF wireless technology.

Many applicants who wish to study at one of the very prestigious universities in the Czech Republic, were interested in learning more about the IQRF wireless technology. Moreover, they will definitely meet the IQRF technology in the future during the studying there, because CTU FEL is one of the members of the IQRF Smart School program, therefore students are not only learning basics or even detailed technical information about it but are also working with it - building networks, designing the IoT projects, etc.

Schools in the IQRF Smart School program can certify students for IQRF knowledge, so it is highly possible we will meet these students in the future as employees of any member of the IQRF Alliance.

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