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Presentations from IoT seminar in Wroclaw

06 December 2017

Even though the IoT seminar in Wroclaw ended, we are preparing yet another IoT seminar based on your very positive feedback. Now in Prague.

You could view the photo gallery from the IoT seminar in Wroclaw here.

Now there are all the presentations used during this seminar by the IQRF and IoT professionals. 

Piotr Antonczyk from the IQRF Tech introduced the IQRF wireless technology and the company itself.

IQRF Tech - Basic information - presentation


Vladimír Šulc, CEO of the IQRF Tech, provided the audience with detailed technical information about the IQRF wireless technology and IQRF Tech's future vision.

IQRF Tech - Detailed technical information and future vision - presentation


Sebastian Hopp, an EMEA Sales Manager in the IQRF Tech, introduced the IQRF Smart School program and the IQRF Wireless Challenge, which was very interesting for the students attending the seminar.

IQRF Alliance - Smart School program and Wireless Challenge - presentation


Maciej Talalaj, Sales Manager for Poland in AAEON Europe, introduced AAEON Europe and its vision in the field of IoT. Part of the presentation was dedicated to the UP Board, which is high-performance PC for development purposes - part of the IoT Starter Kit.

AAEON presentation


TME company has more than 20 years experience in the area of the wireless communication and has over 155 000 active clients all over the world. The audience learned more about its automation solutions based on the IQRF wireless technology serving many various purposes.

TME presentation


Very unusual use of the IQRF technology introduced the company FIMS. FIMS uses the IQRF for remote control of clay disc launcher used on a shooting range.

FIMS presentation


The second part of the seminar was dedicated to a workshop. Students and other attendees had an opportunity to work with the IoT Starter Kit including the UP Board and IQRF transceivers. During few minutes they had the IQRF wireless network up and running and were able to send DPA commands to the transceivers like in real IoT project.

IQRF Tech - workshop - presentation


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