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The top Czech Microsoft integrator joined the IQRF Alliance

12 October 2017

The IQRF Alliance has a new member. It is a Czech company Mainstream Technologies.

Mainstream Technologies is a Czech company that specializes in providing high quality, expert services in the field of information technology to companies worldwide. The company is a system integrator who proposes and implements enterprise solutions with high demands on resilience, security and availability. As a long-term bearer of the title Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Mainstream Technologies regularly rank in the top spots for the best Microsoft-based solutions awards.

Today, there are dynamically changing IT trends and it puts lot of stress on IT managers who need to ensure flexible development of their companies to catch up with business opportunities. Traditional architecture has a very difficult time to fulfil the flexibility and security demands. This is when Mainstream Technologies comes into play proposing robust and fitting solution based on cloud technologies.

What does it mean for IQRF Alliance members? Mainstream Technologies can promote the IQRF based solutions and products through their channels to wide range of customers helping members of the IQRF Alliance to increase their market share as well as provide end-to-end IoT solution to the customers through Microsoft CSP program.


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