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Developer project by ASID

02 May 2017

ASID become a member of the IQRF Alliance. Currently, it deals with the first phase of the large-scale KRD project, in which the construction of intelligent buildings with an area of more than 70,000 square meters will take place in Bratislava.

This is an important opportunity for members of the IQRF Alliance to participate in the implementation of this project. They can bring their solutions and products from the areas of smart heating, lighting, parking, security or automation. You will be able to get in touch with ASID's projects and IQRF Alliance's technology partners personally at the IQRF Summit 2017 (

ASID was founded in 2005 as an advertising agency. Gradually expanded its operations with investment development and has dozens of successfully completed projects. In 2013, the company acquired significant contract together with a new partner – a self-government that is a guarantee of clear trading. Construction contracts of rental housing dwellings were signed, funded by the State Housing Development Fund and subsidy of MVDaRR. Demand for rental flats is still growing.

The company has experience in the field of development and construction of residential buildings both in Slovakia and abroad. It builds extensive facilities and infrastructure, housing construction and construction of administrative buildings. It tries to be a leader in development, construction and real estate.

Buildings should meet the green standard (LEED, BREEAM). BREEAM and LEED are systems that evaluate buildings in terms of their overall sustainability in several categories - for example, what energy efficiency a building has, how it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, how much the building is a guarantee of health and well-being, what is land management, how the building pollutes environment or how it handles with waste.

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