DEPRAG Industrial Intelligent Tools - DIQ system

Intelligent grinders smart factory system for monitoring and efficient work.


DEPRAG Industrial Intelligent Tools - DIQ system

Intelligent grinders smart factory system for monitoring and efficient work.

Info about product

Category: solutions
Status: Available
Manufacturer Name: DEPRAG CZ a.s.
Manuf. Location: Czech Republic

Built-in module

  • Autonomous system
  • No external energy is needed
  • Wireless communication
  • Permanent monitoring of the tool


Built-in module consists of

  • Power generator unit
  • Lithium battery
  • Internal memory
  • Real time clock - RTC unit
  • Internal evaluation CPU
  • Working under special operations
  • Wireless communication: Free band 868 MHz, 916 MHz or 433 MHz
  • RF range: 10+ m in buildings, 100+ m in open space


DIQ system - Basic operating modes


  • Continuous checking all parameters
  • Evaluation the measured values
  • Storing the important data


  • Communication with the GW
  • Sending all stored data
  • Receiving the new orders


DIQ application and Industry 4.0

Company structure

  • Whole history
  • Company hierarchy
  • Tool recognizing
  • Tool identification
  • Online documentation

Tool card

  • First launch of the tool
  • Regular maintenance information
  • History of the workers deals with the tool
  • Total working time of the tool
  • Total cost of the tool repairs 
  • Total used compressed air

Actual information

  • Online status
  • Continuous speed control
  • Permanent tool condition monitoring
  • Service intervals based on actual conditions
  • Potential problem warnings

Evaluation and reports

  • Working effectivity
  • Optimal grinding speed
  • Tool loading or potential overloading
  • Average and total air consumption
  • Ambient temperature peaks
  • Working off hours

Key advantages

  • The tools are nder your supervision all time
  • Availability of all working data
  • Full control of the air tool and process
  • Recommends, how to use the tool to get optimal results
  • Recommends, which tool is the best for the process
  • Comparison of workers - comparison of tools
  • Continuous monitoring of the tool status
  • Guiding to reach optimal efficiency, grinding speed and load
  • Control maintenance intervals as well as maintenance costs
  • Working hours
  • Full access to the air consumption for better production planning
  • Save energy and costs

Sales model

  • Licensing per machine
  • Gateway is needed: price list
  • 3 different license levels:
    • BASIC: Primary information available
    • MASTER: Advanced access with some features
    • TOP: Full access to all system functions

Tools availability

  • GAQ818-250BX
  • GAQ823-250BX
  • GAQ815-190BX
  • GAQ823-190BX
  • GAQ812-190BX
  • GAQ818-190BX


Deprag1 Pneumatic Tools.pdf (PDF, 188.01 kB)

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