Smart Parking

Time and cost efficient solution for the smart cities. Parking system based on IQRF wireless technology helps with a long term assessment of the parking sites and charging the fees.


A vision of smart cities needs a smart solution. CITIQ is a Czech company which is supporting the concepts of the smart cities. Consequently, the CITIQ has developed a smart parking system which brings new ways to use the ordinary parking places in the modern world.


The system provides anonymous detection of parking bays occupancy for parking operators. The system serves for installation of detection technology that monitors the presence of vehicles on-line (parking bays occupancy, percentage of occupancy of a park site etc.). For parking system management it provides the possibility of a long term assessment, on the basis of continuous data collection, for the purposes of payment policy set-up or comparison and outnumbering of payment efficiency of existing parking system (payment terminals data) and smart parking system (data of real use of the parking space).
Sensor of electromagnetic field is embedded in a concrete tile or in a drill hole in a roadway. On the basis of the change of electromagnetic waves caused by parked car the system will notify of the occupied parking spot. Therefore, the staff of parking site can easily check whether the parking fee was payed.


CITIQ smart parking system helps with a long term assessment of the parking sites. Furthermore, it helps to charge the fees thanks to a constant monitoring of the free parking spaces. As a result of IQRF interoperability, there are also lot of options to connect other solutions, such as CO2 pollution sensor or traffic monitoring sensor. These complete solutions can effectively cut costs and improve

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