Environment monitoring, reporting and alerting solution

Save your time by automating your temperature and humidity logging! Automated measurements in your storage and processing environment with cloud based data visualization, alerting and reporting.


When working with foods or agricultural products their quality highly depends on the storage and processing environment. To ensure the highest quality, many quality assurance steps have to be done regularly. We built a solution that helps you to reduce the time what you spend with these procedures like temperature monitoring and reporting.

Demo here: https://sensnet.iqhome.org/
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The solution is built on SN-TSxx wireless sensor series based on IQRF DPA technology which are available in various designs (IP30, IP65/66 protection, temperature only or temperature + humidity sensors, etc.) to best fit to the measured environment. The other essential component is the Universal IQRF-Ethernet Gateway which collects data from the sensor network and sends it to SensNET™ cloud sytem for processing. In case of Internet outage, it stores the measured data until Internet connection is restored. The cloud stores the received data and displays it on the Web user interface where important parameters can be also configured by the end user (e.g. data collection period, alerting thresholds and report generation parameters). The solution can be extended with almost any kind of sensors. SMS alerting and other cloud features are available upon customer request.


When you choose IQ HOME’s SensNetTM to monitor your storage or processing environment, you choose the stability and reliability in data collection and processing. The product will work for you and let you do other important things rather than walking around in many times per day with papers and reading thermometers. You can monitor your environment with an Internet connected computer, mobile phone or tablet via a web browser. In case of any unordinary situation an alert is generated and an e-mail message arrives to the users associated to the individual sensors. If you have to prove a report of your environment (e.g. HACCP temperature report, or other quality assurance report) you can do this by using the reporting feature of the SensNET™ Cloud.

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