Automated heating

Control your heating system software and hardware from the cloud. Save money and keep the costs low without any wires.


Austyn International is the producer of the control system software and hardware. We are producing intelligent systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting to ensure the most possible simplicity for user. Our goal is to help user to cut costs. Moreover, we guarantee these savings.


The automated heating system contains MAG ME (measuring board) and MAG CO (control board). MAG ME is ready to be connected with various sensors, meters and detectors in order to work as a measuring board for physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, gas detection etc. MAG CO is designed as a control board for various devices for example heaters, lights, pumps etc. Both modules are equipped with button and LED indication of bonding procedure for even easier installation.
Heating system of production halls in PSS Svidnik using 72 gas and electric infrared heaters and 5 air gas heaters. The control system consists of 3 coordinators, 77 MAG CO modules, 20 MAG ME modules and one server for data collecting. Data can be interpreted into graphs and used for adjusting the whole heating system for the best user experience.
Thanks to the IQRF technology the automated heating system network can be divided into the subnetworks. That allows the user to manage zone temperature, remote wireless control and setup of zone temperatures varying during a week. The IQRF transceivers modules bring the wireless control. Therefore, the user can access the heating system setup from PC or tablet.


The heating system solution by Austyn International helps to keep the costs low without any wires. Modern and reliable cloud interface ensures comfortable remote control of the whole heating system from your PC or tablet. The multi-zone controlling allows to divide large spaces into the subnetworks and set various temperatures for every zone easily without need to personally visit every zone. Main advantage is cost and time efficiency. Thanks to the robust wireless, IQRF technology based, system, there are also less often maintenance.

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