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New security features of IQRF OS 4.0 at SECURITY 2017 conference

01 March 2017

Ivona Spurná, IQRF Smart School manager, visited the SECURITY 2017 conference where she presented new security features of the IQRF OS 4.0. More than 25 experts not only from the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Security is the key for high quality IoT solution. Developers from MICRORISC know that and they make everything to provide customers using the IQRF wireless technology with the latest security features on the market. Upcoming IQRF OS 4.0 will bring some advanced security features (AES-128 encryption, randomly generated access keys, user can encrypt his access, etc.) to prevent your network from possible attacks.

The IQRF Alliance helped to promote those new security features at SECURITY 2017 conference. Mrs. Spurná presented detailed information about new update and its security features. The IQRF OS 4.0 will be available during the Spring 2017. "I was pleased to have opportunity to share hot news from IQRF networks. We all expect new release of the IQRF OS 4.0 highly focused on security." adds Mrs. Spurná.


List of speakers:

Download presentation: IQRF – reliable wireless mesh network for IoT

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IQRF Summit 2017 – early birds prices available until the end of March only!

01 March 2017

IQRF Alliance and partners invite you at a two-day summit where you can expect more than 30 interactive presentations and 12 hands-on workshops from the IoT field. You will find here real examples from areas of smart cities, smart buildings and homes, industry, security and transportation.

Among the presenters you will find representatives from companies such as Microsoft, O2, AAEON, NETIO products, MICRORISC, Aledo, Protronix, IQ Home, CITIQ, DATmoLUX, RehiveTech and many others.


Date: June 7th to 8th, 2017

Location: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague



Solutions presented at the Summit are based on the IQRF technology, one of the leading wireless mesh networking technologies on the market. IQRF operates on sub gigahertz ISM bands to collect small data from devices and/or to control them. Extremely low power consumption of this platform enables devices to work on batteries for many years. There are hundreds of thousands devices running on this mature technology since 2008.

Among the topics presented you can find here solutions of parking, lighting, temperature monitoring with energy savings, sensory monitoring of indoor air quality, industry safety and much more.

One of the key topics presented here is a system for remote monitoring and management of an IQRF network through a gateway with installed client software. Monitoring data are sent to the back-end in a cloud to be processed and visualized and remote devices to be controlled. This solution enables operators to solve most of the necessary operating interventions remotely, including software upgrades and changes in a device configuration in the IQRF network. Experts in work with sensoric data, among other things, will show how you can work with gathered data in case of failure of connection to the Internet.

The Summit will host the final of the international competition IQRF Wireless Challenge III and authors of the best projects will present their solution to the professional public.

Moreover, there will be a networking event enabling informal meetings of all participants, discussion on interesting topics and establishing new business partnerships.



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Media partners

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Czech Innovation Week is a new media partner of the IQRF Summit 2017

01 March 2017

Czech Innovation Week is a nationwide week of events focusing on innovation with dozens of events throughout the Czech Republic. The main event is Innovation Summit in Prague.

It is one of the biggest events of the year focused on an innovation, advanced technology, artificial intelligence and a concept of smart cities. After the great success of the first year there will be the second edition. The Innovation Week aims to inform business, cities and also broader public with the latest global trends in the field of innovation and modern technology while promoting Czech innovations and inventions.


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Innovation Summit in Prague

The highlight of the week is the Innovation Summit Prague, the main event with the greatest media coverage and also participation. The part of it is professional all-day conference, with leading foreign and Czech experts, and the other part is a fair of subjects involved in area of innovations, innovative services and products. The Innovation Summit in Prague is held in Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of CTU in Prague.


When: May 22nd – 27th, 2017

Facebook page:


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Worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge is supported by new partners

23 February 2017

The IQRF Alliance announced a worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge III in the best new wireless applications. The contest closes on 21st May 2017 and the final competition of the best projects will be held at the IQRF Summit 2017, Prague in June 2017. The contest just joined new partners ranking among the most renowned technical companies.

The new partners are CETIN, O2 and Zyxel. CETIN is not only provider of mobile technologies but also of fixed SDH, WDM, Ethernet and IP technologies. O2 is a major integrated operator in the Czech Republic. Zyxel is global manufacturer of DSL and other networking devices located. The main sponsor is MICRORISC with a support of companies AAEON, Netio, Microsoft, and Protronix.

The major rewards include modern development tools from the world of wireless technologies and IoT. The best technicians may be offered a job. IQRF development sets and tools are available with 30% discount for all participants thanks to the program IQRF Smart School.

This contest is organized in cooperation with several European technical Universities and many respected expert journals and institutions. Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic has involved this contest in the official list of important competitions that are beneficial to high schools and students.

For more information, go to


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New case study about remote network management

18 February 2017

Active remote management of the IQRF network is possible thanks to using a client software from RehiveTech. The software is installed on a Linux gateway and allows not only monitoring the network but also its management.

If you want to read the whole case study with all details, visit Case Studies section on our website.


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Registration for the IQRF Summit 2017 is running

17 February 2017

A two-day conference for users, developers, manufacturers and system integrators of IQRF Ecosystem. Demonstrations of real solutions and products in the field of Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, industry, safety and transport based on the IQRF wireless technology. Presentations and workshops of partners as Microsoft, O2, AAEON, MICRORISC, Protronix, Aledo, NETIO products, IQ Home, CITIQ, DATmoLUX.

The IQRF Summit 2017 will be held in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague from June 7th to 8th.

Now you have opportunity to register for special early bird prices. Early bird prices are available until March 31st 2017.


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List of speakers, program and much more on IQRF Summit 2017


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University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings joined the IQRF Alliance

16 February 2017

The Smart School program of the IQRF Alliance has a new member from a university area. UCEEB will definitely bring new innovative views into the Smart School program and even to the IQRF Alliance.

UCEEB was founded as an independent institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague under the auspices of four departments – Civil engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. The Centre's goal is to leverage synergy effects of research activities of the individual departments which are related to energy efficient buildings.

UCEEB is aiming to an optimisation of modern buildings to increase its energy efficiency to meet the demands of the European Union and to improve overall satisfaction from using those buildings. The membership of the UCEEB institute can bring opportunities for the IQRF Alliance members to participate on European scientific projects, where they can use their solutions and products built on the IQRF wireless technology.

"Buildings represent one of the areas with the largest potential for energy saving and reduction of the impact of human activities on the environment. To use this potential to its maximum, we need to adopt an integrated approach to all phases of a building's life cycle, both for existing and new buildings," said professor Zdeněk Bittnar, Centre's founder.


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IQRF Alliance at AAEON’s stand - Embedded World 2017

06 February 2017

IQRF Alliance will attend an Embedded World 2017 in cooperation with its member AAEON Europe. AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms. Being established in 1992, the company has many experience in IT business.

IQRF Alliance will attend an Embedded World 2017 in cooperation with its member AAEON Europe. AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms. Being established in 1992, the company has many experience in IT business.


Visit us at the Hall 1 stand 1-130, Nuremberg, Germany, from 14th to 16th March 2017


The IQRF Alliance will be a part of the AAEON's stand and will be promoting its members' products and solutions. The main product that will be introduced to a wide audience there is IoT Starter Kit made by cooperation of companies MICRORISC, AAEON and Microsoft. MICRORISC has provided data transceivers and the IQRF wireless technology, AAEON has provided UP board a small and very powerful device based on the latest Intel processors and Microsoft provided a voucher to its successful cloud platform Azure. Every visitor can learn more about the IoT Starter Kit in a practical hands on review of the kit. The kit can be also extended with more devices to provide user with better user experience and to simplify the implementation to its own solution. The IoT Starter Kit can be seen not only at AAEON's stand but also at a stand of Texim which is closely cooperating with the IQRF Alliance in the area of distribution. The IQRF Alliance will bring there also a live demo consisting of members' products (Devtech street light, AUSTYN International heater, Protronix CO2 sensor, TECO switches, IQ Home gateway, MICRORISC data transceivers,...) and a touch screen with visualisation to control them.


IoT Starter Kit

All components needed for you wireless IoT network in one box for 349 EUR.

AAEON UP board

Microsoft Azure voucher

DCTR-72DAT 4 IQRF transceiver
CK-USB-04A 1 IQRF programmer and debugger
DK-EVAL-04A 3 Universal portable development kit
DDC-SE-01 1 IQRF evaluation and development kit
DDC-RE-01 1 IQRF evaluation and development kit
KON-RASP-01 1 Adapter to connect IQRF transceiver
CAB-USBABMICRO 1 Micro USB cable 18.5 cm
USB flash drive 1 Software and documentation


 IoT Starter Kit - Technical information


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Rehivetech joined the IQRF Alliance

03 February 2017

RehiveTech, young Czech spin-off company with roots on Brno University of Technology, joined the IQRF Alliance. The great merit of entering the alliance has participation on the IQRF Alliance Meeting 2017 in Microsoft HQ in Prague, on the beginning of January.

RehiveTech is a Czech privately held Brno University of Technology spin-off company focused in the area of embedded Linux solutions. Its mission is to reduce its customer products' development risks, cost and time to market by providing a complete, verified and standards-based solutions. Therefore there is a huge opportunity for RehiveTech to cooperate with members of the alliance on their projects to help RehiveTech's customers even more with very quick and simple implementation of the IQRF wireless technology that allows them to exploit the potential of their installed solution to the fullest.

The IQRF Alliance Meeting 2017 was the driving force that help RehiveTech decide to join the IQRF Alliance. "It was great to participate on so cool event! We will continue to cooperate with the IQRF Alliance ," said Pavol Korček, CEO of RehiveTech.


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FEI of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava joined the IQRF Alliance

02 February 2017

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava as one of the oldest technical faculties in Slovakia joined the IQRF Alliance Smart School program.

The faculty is focused on offering quality academical education of all degrees on the basis of free scientific research and creative experimental development. Its mission in the field of pregradual education consists in preparation of universally profiled and flexible graduates of bachelor study programs with an adequate theoretical and practical level of knowledge and ability, thus in preparation of academically educated specialists for a wide social practice.

IQRF Smart School program offers certification for students, practical experience and know-how that is acquired by connecting students with business professionals. Practical experience is the only way to bring students more job opportunities. Therefore, the IQRF Smart School program and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava have very similar goal and there is huge opportunity to share the approach to this goal. We are looking forward to many future projects solved together in cooperation with this faculty and its students.


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